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29 Nov 2009a review of books about the end of the Cold War – ‘1989!’ by Timothy Garton Ash

27 Sept 2009 – Where is the Geography? World Bank’s WDR 2009 by Anant Maringanti, Eric Sheppard & Jun Zhang

20 Sept 2009 – Journal of Commonwealth Literature 2007, 42; 109 – Malaysia and Singapore review by Ismail S. Talib

06 Sept 2009 – The 1987 ISA Arrests and International Civil Society: Responses to Political Repression in Singapore by Marc Rerceretnam

04 April 2009 – History, Memory, and Identity in Modern Singapore: Testimonies from the Urban Margins  by Loh Kah Seng

27 March 2009 – Claiming Cultural Capital by Lee Weng Choy

10 March 2009Global Chinese Fraternity and the Indonesian riots of May 1998: the online gathering of dispersed Chinese by Elaine Tay

06 March 2009 -Famine, Affluence, and Morality by PETER SINGER

22 Feb 2009

08 Feb 2009 – A man and an island : Gender and Nation in Lee Kuan Yew’s the Singapore story – by Philip Holden

30 Jan 2009The making of the Singapore History Gallery: some personal reflections by Mark Ravinder Frost

03 Jan 2009Interpreting National Language Class by Daniel Goh

28 Dec 2008

Nov 2008Ghostly topographies:Landscape and bipower in modern Singapore by Joshua Comaroff

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